XPEL Installation Gel 2.0

XPEL Installation Gel 2.0

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Ideal for Bumper Kit installs and Large area installs like Full Body Panels.

Rule of Thumb: Allow One (1) 16 OZ Bottle per KIT install.  2 Bottles for a Full Hood Wrap with 60" Bulk Film.  3 Bottles for a Full Hood & Fender Kit.

Use XPEL Installation Gel 2.0 instead of SLIP SOLUTION in the initial installation process. 

Gel helps "float" the paint protection film, keeping the aggressive adhesive from sticking prematurely.  

Highly recommended for large kits like Full Hood & Fender Kits or 60” Bulk Film Hood Wraps.  Also recommended for Bumper Kits as it will allow the kit to cling well to vertical surfaces during the installation process, and allow the repositioning of the kit, which is required during the process of stretching a bumper kit into it's final position.

XPEL Installation Gel 2.0 is specially formulated for maximum maneuverability during installation, without the slippery feeling on your hands. Already premixed, there is no need to dilute the product. This makes the gel easy to pour and eliminates the possibility of different results due to variations in the local water.

This product is designed to solve common installation problems such as silvering, loss of adhesion and even trapped debris. In addition, being thick and viscous allows the Gel to be sprayed on the car without dripping off or evaporating quickly. This allows you to spend less time spraying and refilling, which decreases the installation time. 

We repackage XPEL Installation Gel 2.0 into convenient 16 oz bottles from bulk quantities. 

Always read the Product Safety Data Sheet.

PSDS - Product Safety Data Sheet

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