All our kits are made from WHITE LABEL PPF ™ and BLACK LABEL PPF ™ professional grade paint protection films.  These are same brand name first quality professional grade films you love, without paying a premium price.

Your order will be professionally produced using the finest digital patterns in the industry, carefully inspected, and well packaged for shipping.  

Any INSTALLATION TOOLS you may need are available to purchase separately.  Often an installation tool kit be included at no cost if your order reaches a certain dollar amount.



MINI or BASIC HOOD KITS are intended to be a quick and easy to install option giving you basic coverage at a great price.  These kits sit 1/8" back of the edge and do not wrap around the edges.

Think of these kits as an alternative to lexan bug deflectors.  Mini Hood Kits are not available for all vehicles.


REGULAR HOOD/FENDER KITS have 3/8" - 1/2" extra material and are made to wrap around the leading and side edges.  This gives a more finished look and protects the leading edges.  Be sure to thoroughly clean these areas before installation.  

If you prefer your kit to not wrap, you can request that in the NOTES BOX in your shopping cart just before checkout.  Or send us an email reply to your order confirmation.

Only Hoods & Fender Kits are made to wrap - all other kits like bumpers, mirrors, and other kits are designed to fit 1/8" back of the edges.



FULL HOOD, FENDER AND MIRROR KITS give you full panel protection without a visible line where the kit stops. One major advantage of full panel coverage is that your vehicle will not even look like it has PPF installed. 

Hood edges are designed to wrap around the front and side edges.  The top edge is very difficult to access to wrap, so that edge is a precision fit in most cases.  Full fender edges wrap in where they meet the engine bay for a finished look.


Some vehicles have Full Fender Kits available but no Full Hood Kit available.  Generally there are three reasons:

  1. The hood has no vents, ports, badges or other obstructions that need to be cut out, so bulk film is the best and least expensive way to do a full hood.    

    WHITE LABEL PPFis available up to 60" wide.
    BLACK LABEL PPF  is available up to 72" wide.

    Simply measure your hood and purchase Bulk Film by-the-foot in addition to the Full Fender Kit.

    Be sure to watch our Video Sixty Inch Hood Installation with Bulk Film

  2. Some very new vehicles have limited kits available initially.  Digital Patterns are posted as they are developed, beginning with the most popular areas of coverage.  A more extensive pattern library is usually available later.  If you have a complex hood with vents, ports, badges or other obstructions that cant' be completed with bulk film, please check back to see if a Full Hood Kit is available later.

  3. In rare cases, the hood is wider than 72" in both directions.  The maximum width that Paint Protection Film is manufactured is 72 inches wide.  Generally the panel can still be protected, but has to be done using multiple pieces.

    For example the 2022 Audi A5 hood (illustrated above) is so huge it has to be done in three pieces. The pre-cut hood kit for this vehicle is in three pieces which are designed to align along the natural body crease. 


are available for many vehicles. These kits are designed with a precision-fit 1/8" back of the body panel edges.  

It is possible to add wrapping edges to some of these kits.  For example door kits can have extra film for wrapping added to the bottom and back edge.  We will generally do this automatically by adding 1/2" wherever possible and practical. 

If you need additional warp added, this may involve extra cost as often a wider film is required to produce your kit, so please contact us if you want to look into this option.



More and more customers want to protect their entire vehicle. 

If you have concerns about custom or pearl paint which is hard to match, or are worried about vandalism damage - like keying or spray painting, or simply want to not be worried about your baby at the mall parking lot - a full PPF wrap is a great solution.  Changing a panel of film is faster and cheaper than body work.

In many cases, minor scrapes and collisions can be mitigated with paintless dent removal and by changing the paint protection film on one body panel.

If you would like to purchase kits to protect an entire vehicle, please contact us.

We can generally work out a Discounted Package Price and provide the Installation Tools and Gel you need along with Free Shipping.


We want to get you the right kit and the right fit.
Please contact us if you have any questions. 
We are here to help...